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We’re licensed water treatment contractors specializing in Ozone water treatment for swimming pools. There are a variety of Ozone water treatment strategies, and we use the Oxygen fed technique. This is the most efficient method for generating Ozone for your swimming pool. A medical-grade oxygen concentrator is used to put pure oxygen into high voltage which sanitizes the water in your swimming pool. We install and maintain the Ozone pool treatment system for the lifetime of the pool, so if you’re a pool contractor this is a hassle-free value added service which you can use to make your pool construction and installation service standout. In addition to chemical free or reduced chemical swimming pools, we’re also experts in all aspects of water treatment for home and business, drinking water, soft water, wells, and water filtration. Ozone for swimming pools is a natural subfield of water treatment, and Gourmet H20 fills a much needed niche in the Southern California region for high quality, knowledgeable Ozone installation, maintenance, and service.

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What Is Ozone Pool Treatment?

Ozone treatments are used for sterilizing water. Although Ozone pool treatment seems exotic to the end user or homeowner, the concept has been established for approximately 100 years. Pool water naturally becomes dirty and unhealthy to swim in as a result of dirt, debris, and other environmental factors. In order to be safe for swimming, the water needs to be sanitized. Most pools use Chlorine to accomplish sanitization. However, Chlorine is known to have a range of adverse health effects. The Ozone pool sanitization technique is a healthier solution which is actually more effective at cleansing the water in your home’s pool. Not all Ozone pool treatments are equal, and there are numerous solutions with varying levels of cost and effectiveness.

How Ozone Keeps Your Pool Clean

Ozone is the most effective water sanitization solution available. The Ozone technique uses O3 oxygen molecules. Oxygen occurs naturally in the universe as O2 (two molecules of Oxygen formed together). When Oxygen is found in its O3 variant (three molecules of Oxygen formed together), the molecule is unstable and will naturally shed its extra molecule to return to its stable form of O2. This tendency of O3 to return to O2 is the foundation of Ozone pool treatment. As O3 goes through the process of shedding a molecule, it has the effect of destroying viruses, bacteria, and any other unwanted elements in the pool’s water through the process of Oxidization. This natural oxidization process sterilizes more effectively than Chlorinating pool water, and unlike Chlorine, there are no byproducts.