Ozone Pool Design | Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

We’ve had the privilege of creating custom ozone pool designs for clients with properties throughout the greater Los Angeles area. In this highlight we’re detailing a unique project in Westwood, CA.

Running a pool full time at high temperature.

In this particular project there was a request to run the pool full time at a constant high temperature. In general, when the water temperature in the pool is run constantly above 90 degrees it is considered high temperature. This is fun for pool owners and their guests to enjoy a heated pool at anytime without any warming up periods, but constant high temperatures do create a challenge for ozone sanitization.

An oversized ozone system to work with hot water.

Ozone is inherently less effective in hot water. Prior to the project, the client specifically notified us that the pool would be ran at high temperatures. Taking into account that the temperature of the pool would diminish the effect of the ozone system, we intentionally oversized the ozone system and configured it to run for longer durations than a common pool. As we’ve continued to monitor this pool, our strategy has been very effective. Only trace amounts of chlorine at .5ppm are detected, making the client’s chlorine exposure very close to nill, and the clients are very pleased with this result.

Ozone treated water is gentle on pool materials.

The ozone system served a second role in this project. This pool contains a unique 24 karat gold leaf inlay around the returns and jets within the tile. Certain pools built with delicate materials like gold or soft exotic stones are susceptible to the harsh qualities of chlorine, but the pure quality of the ozone treated water is gentle on the gold detailing. This custom ozone system provided the client with everything they wanted; continuously warm water, healthy water for swimming, and long term protection of the pool’s materials.

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