Homeowners, Architects, Contractors | Use Ozone for Your Swimming Pool Project

We’re water treatment specialists, not a swimming pool service. Gourmet H20 is one of the best resources in the United States for swimming pool Ozone treatments. Having completed over 400 unique installations there are only a handful of water treatment specialists with our level of expertise and experience.

Add A Special Quality to Your Swimming Pool Design

If you’re a pool builder or architect, Ozone with hydrogen ion treatment for swimming pools is a great way to take your project over the top and make your designs stand out using cutting edge sanitization while adding real value and health benefits to your clients. Our Ozone with hydrogen ion treatment doesn’t interfere with existing pool equipment, heaters, pumps, or filters, and we handle the installation and optimization of the system. You’re just using our expertise to give your clients a better end result and higher quality pool.

Ozone Protects Pool Materials and Equipment

Ozone also helps protect against the corrosive effects of salt. Some pool designs may call for the use of materials which may be sensitive to salt water. The plaster of the pools, the heater, pump, surrounding circuitry, and other materials exposed to the water deteriorates quickly. Ozone preserves the pool’s materials so the pool stays consistent, the plaster and decking doesn’t corrode, and the entire design stays looking beautiful for very long periods of time. In this way, Ozone has a mechanical benefit as well as a molecular and biological benefit. We do service pools several times per year that are designed by architects that use materials which explicitly advise that chlorine should not be used continuously in large amounts.