Ozone Pool System | Ojai, CA

Here we have a large pool in the Ojai Valley. This pool can hold about 50k gallons. The clients heard that there were alternative ways to sanitize their swimming pool. Sanitation by chlorine is such a common traditional practice that some may not know that better alternatives are available. After understanding their needs and usage we decided on a powerful ozone generator.

Ozone For Large Pools

For a pool with a large volume, installing an 80 gal contact tank will allow more ozone contact time in the water. This increases oxidation of contamination and the ozone treatment will do its job of being the favorable alternative cleaning system. Also, the use of a tank reduces the appearance of bubbles in the water creating a smooth water surface for a satisfying clean look.

Ozone treatment working in a hot climates

Due to the high heat in Ojai and high sun exposure to the water we still use a secondary sanitization of using a little bit of chlorine. Hot temperatures can diminish the effects of the ozone treatment. Using chlorine in dead spots of the pool where water doesn’t circulate as well can help evenly clean the pool while ozone carries the burden of being the primary sanitizer.

In warmer temperatures, when a pool isn't regularly sanitized, algae can grow. Ozone paired with lightly chlorinated water helps keep the pool algae free. The ozone also stripes the harmful chloramines from the water. Leaving the water almost undetected with chlorine. Now our client can enjoy a freshly sanitizied pool without the unwanted effects of chlorine.

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