Ozone Pool System Design | Montecito, CA

There are interesting design options available to the modern architect during the conceptualization and design of a residential pool. It’s common to see traditional plaster used as the primary construction material in residential pools. Plaster is a durable material, and most homes with pools use a traditional chlorine based purification solution. Although chlorine has a corrosive effect on the surfaces of the pool, plaster is able to withstand its effects reasonably well.

In some pool designs, the architect will carefully specify that a chlorine free purification solution needs to be implemented. While we are strong advocates of an Ozone purification system for the gentle qualities and health benefits that such a system provides, in certain cases like this one, the gentle and non-corrosive nature of Ozone treated water lends itself to the actual design of the pool. We utilized a powerful oxygen fed O-Zone generator with a contact tank as well as mineral ionization to sanitize the water and keep it clear and beautiful.

Roman Bath Style Pool with Ozone System

This design of this charming pool is known as a Roman Bath style, following the classic, simplistic shape found in Roman bath houses. The natural stone used to build this pool is a beautiful French Limestone. We love this material, but limestone is considered a soft, delicate stone. Chlorinated water would erode the French Limestone and cause the general condition of the pool to deteriorate.

An ozone pool system imparts the water with a quality that is ultra pure, and free of any harsh elements or corrosive qualities.

Although the primary motivation for the Ozone system in this case was to protect the delicate Limestone material used to build the pool, the health benefits that the client experiences by eliminating their exposure to corrosive chlorine adds value to the system. Pools which use an ozone system by Gourmet Water also experience a sharp, visual clarity to the water that is attractive, and lends itself particularly well to the Roman bath design of this pool. The Ozone system has been in use by this client for over eight years and the limestone is being preserved beautifully.

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