Ozone Pool System | Malibu, CA

We created a custom ozone pool system for a client with a home in Malibu, CA. This pool is designed with an infinity edge, and when this is combined with the backdrop of the ocean, it creates an amazing visual effect where the pool water meets the ocean water. Oceanside pools and pools at the beach are luxurious, but their location near the ocean exposes them to all the birds that naturally live at the water’s edge. Malibu has a large seagull population, and the constant flying overhead of seagulls results in this pool accumulating a large amount of bird feces in the water. The ozone pool system is highly effective at destroying bacteria that can develop as a result of wildlife waste. It’s true that traditional pool chlorine can eliminate bacteria, but it’s actually kills bacteria at a lower rate than an ozone system, and of course chlorine brings with it a variety of unwelcome side effects like corrosion, hair and skin irritation, and adverse health effects.

Ultra Clear Oxidizing Effect

Also, with a pool as beautiful as the example shown here, achieving an ultra-clear visual effects on the water accentuates the infinity edge and ties the entire feature together nicely. The oxidizing effect that ozone has on the pool’s water creates an extremely pure and glassy appearance that chlorine doesn’t impart. Some people describe this appearance as a special effect, but it’s really just helping to present water in a very pure form, which is rarely seen in natural settings, and it does leave a strong impression on people who are seeing it for the first time.

Each ozone pool system is unique because, although each setup uses the same concept to treat water, the exact implementation on every project is unique because we build each system to meet the physical requirements created by the landscape of the client’s home and sanitization needs required by the pool itself.

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