Ozone Swimming Pool System Sanitation | Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA

Here’s another example of a pool in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, where we set up an ozone sanitation system based on the location and type. For this job we use a powerful ozone system and our hydrogen ion system together. Then, a contact tank for better sanitization.

Working With Vanishing Edge Pools

What's unique about this pool, and something we haven’t talked about to much, is the vanishing edge. The infinite edge has a side of the poole where the water looks as if it goes on into the horizon, and this has become a popular appearance in modern pool designs. These pools have a catch basin for the water to filter so it can produce that vanishing edge effect.

Ozone Sanitation for the Infinite Edge

These catch basins are a breading ground for algae due to the fact that debris and water can sit in there for several days at a time. With just ozone we would have some build up of algae, but paired with the hydrogen ionizer we are able to minimize algae and eliminate it all together. Since the hydrogen ionizer (hyion) leaves a sanitizing residuale in the water, it’s able to clean at all stages of circulation. Each type of pool has different techniques for sanitization. The method of ozone paired with the hydrogen ionizer is what works to infinite edge pools as clean as they appear.

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