Ozone Swimming Pool System Installation | Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA

We recently completed the installation and configuration of an ozone swimming pool sanitation system for a client in the Hope Ranch region of Santa Barbara, California.

20,000 Gallon Pool With Ozone Water Purification System

The pool in this home was built fairly recently, and the client was seeking a healthy filtration alternative to the traditional chlorinated solution. The pool is a particularly charming example of a classic plaster design in a common size of approximately 20,000 gallons---a common style in Mediterranean and coastal climates. This client was motivated to have an ozone configuration in their new pool to reduce their family’s exposure to harsh chlorine, avoid adverse health effects, and eliminate the drying that chlorine has on hair, eyes, and skin. Another overlooked benefit of ozone pool filtration is that ozone treated water---having only trace levels of chlorine---is extremely gentle on the plaster surfaces of the pool. There are some esoteric pool designs which use materials like limestone or other softer stone which can be deteriorated by the corrosive effects of a chlorinated pool. For those designs, an ozone system is a must-have to protect the fragile stone and preserve the beauty of the pool.

Components of the Ozone Generation System

In this project highlight you can see the components of the ozone generation system. This is an example of a more ambitious configuration capable of producing ozone in abundance. Naturally, each project is unique. The ozone circuit contains three primary components that work together to sanitize and purify the pool’s water. The largest component is the 80-gallon contact tank. Untreated pool water enters the contact tank to begin the ozone treatment process. The second component is a medical grade oxygen concentrator. This unit compresses oxygen to generate 95% pure oxygen which is fed into the ozone generator. Inside the ozone generator the oxygen gains an extra molecule as the O2 becomes O3---which is the essential process of ozone water purification. Tubing connects the concentrated O3 into a Mazzei injector which feeds the mixture into the contact tank. Inside the contact tank, the O3 dissolves into the water killing bacteria and harsh elements, then the newly treated water is transitioned back into the pool, creating a pure, clear, gentle environment for swimming and relaxation.

Other Ozone Swimming Pool Solutions

The layout of each home and property is unique, and depending on the orientation of the pool, how much space is available, and the budget of the client, we assess the situation and design a custom configuration that is appropriate for the project at hand. Spacing and logistical issues don’t always allow for the exact configuration shown on this project, but this is a great example of the optimal ozone generation system which we recommend whenever possible.

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