Ozone Swimming Pool System Installation | Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA

We’re highlighting a project in which we designed a custom ozone swimming pool filtration system for a client’s home in the Bel Air neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA. We’re water treatment specialists, and while all of our ozone pool systems rely on the same core concept to sanitize pool water, each project is a completely custom build. Because each project involves a unique physical layout, no two ozone systems are ever exactly the same. With each project, we have to assess the physical layout of the client’s home, determine how much adjacent space surrounding the pool is available to work with, and then design an ozone configuration that fits into the landscape while also accomplishing the client’s sanitization goals.

Two High Production Ozone Pool Systems Working in Tandem

The most common factors that affect our approach to designing the ozone system include the size of the pool, and the layout of the pool and its surrounding architecture. For this project in Bel Air, the client has an 80,000 gallon negative edge pool. This is significantly larger than most pools in private residences. In order to produce enough ozone to clean a body of water this large, we build two high production ozone systems with contact tanks. Two ozone systems working in tandem is able to treat 80,000 gallons of water while maintaining a chlorine level of only one part per million. To put that in perspective, if you live in a neighborhood with very high quality tap water, your exposure to chlorine from the tap water is actually higher than from this ozone pool. The ozone system strips chloramine and trihalomethanes out of the water and eradicates bacteria from the water while eliminating harsh or corrosive elements.

Delicate Pool Water With Bold Clarity and Presence

The result is a massive body of water that has a visual quality with a natural clarity and pure presence which can’t be obtained using conventional chlorination techniques. The water feels pure to the touch, doesn’t dry skin, hair, or eyes, and leaves swimmers feeling clean and refreshed after swimming.

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