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Gourmet Water is dedicated to the custom residential contractor with existing or planned projects in and around Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties.We can help you find answers to your water treatment questions, product information, cut sheets/manuals and other useful and interesting items. This page is intended to make it easier for you plan high quality water into your projects.

You know your client better than anyone else. By calling on the professionals at Gourmet Water Systems to install and maintain a complete water treatment system, you will be ensuring that your client is getting the best. Gourmet Water treatment solutions are based on the thoughtful consideration of the client’s desires, as well as other considerations such as water supply, usage patterns, the design of the home, and initial as well as ongoing cost.

Our custom project specialists are available to discuss your particular application. He will determine what will work best for your discriminating homeowner. We will be happy to review architectural plans and drawings with you so that a custom designed; high quality water treatment solution can be planned into your project in advance.

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Incorporate Ozone Pool Treatment Into Your Current Swimming Pool Project

If your project is already under way, we will walk your job site with you and incorporate a system that will work well for the project. Because of our experienced staff, it is often possible to design and install systems at later stages of construction. In fact, we are often called in to solve challenges that other companies cannot. At Gourmet Water Systems, service and maintenance programs are a core part of our business. Your client becomes our long-term customer, so it is an important consideration to choose a company with enthusiastic, well spoken, clean and competent service staff. Our ongoing filter service programs, and periodic maintenance inspections all serve to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing high quality water and we look forward to making you and your client Gourmet Water customers for life!